Monday, 10 August 2015

Something Old, Something New

Phew! I can take a deep breath and relax. DH, Jim and I have been making all the wedding stationery for my niece, Natalie and her future husband, Tony. We also made the stationery for our two sons Christopher and his wife Katie, and Stephen and his wife Leanne.

We gave both DILs a silver sixpence with their mother's dates of birth on them to wear in their left shoe for good luck. I told my sister, Sarah about the tradition and Natalie will now also have a silver sixpence.

I made two little presentation boxes for the said sixpence. Sarah has chosen the one with little pearls on it. I will put the poem inside the box.

Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue,
A Silver Sixpence in her Shoe.


  1. What a lovely post Ruth. My goodness making all that Wedding stationery is very admirable. The little box looks very pretty. I was given a silver sixpence to put in my shoe on my wedding day but I've not heard about it being the mother's birthdate. They say you learn something new every day! Barbxx

    1. Hi Barb, I read somewhere online that it's nice to seek out a sixpence minted in the year of your parents or grandparents wedding, birth years, or some other important family occasion xx

  2. These are beautiful, Ruth. I'm sure Natalie will be thrilled with the one she receives. My American penfriend sent me a one cent coin to put in my shoe when I married Alan, for good luck. Perhaps it worked as it will be our 41st Wedding Anniversary soon. ;-) xx

  3. The silver sixpence is a lovely idea, and your little boxes are beautiful.
    Jean x

  4. Lovely idea! One that I have never heard of before! Your box is lovely and I'm sure your gift was appreciated!

  5. What a lovely tradition - I knew the first four items, but not the sixpence.

  6. I love this.. I have never heard of this before.. so cute.

  7. This is wonderful, Ruth! What a lovely tradition and keepsake!! Hugs, Darnell