Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Valentine's Day Cards

I belong to a ladies barbershop chorus. Funds are currently low and rather than increase our subscriptions we are fundraising. We are only a small chorus - only 20 members. I offered to make some Valentine's Day cards with the money going into chorus funds. A selection of the cards are below. I enjoyed using the flamingo die. By sheer luck, I found that if you put two facing each other, their heads and necks form a heart <3 . The greetings on these cards were computer generated.

The butterfly cards were an excellent way of using up lots of scraps :)
I would like to enter the butterfly card for the following challenge:

Monday, 15 February 2016


Five months to the day! Goodness, in some ways it seems much longer, in others much shorter. Five months ago I started coughing and became quite unwell. Initially, the Drs told me it was a clot on the lung, but no, it was pneumonia. Five long months of coughing, CT scans, Xrays, antibiotics and I'm still coughing, but thankfully much better than I was.

My mojo had sadly left me, but my daughter-in-law shared a rather lovely quote on her Facebook page. I knew I had to do something for her incorporating the quote. Baby is due today, but she is still safely tucked away. This is the quote she posted :

Butterfly Quotes pregancy quote and saying - man kissing wifes belly

Below is the canvas I made for her. Anyone who knows me will understand the amount of effort that went into creating it. I do not do messy. Two pairs of gloves were required to paint the canvas.